3D printers can generate up to 90% savings for businesses by cutting the product development and short-series manufacturing costs.

Indonesia 3D Print

IndoMakers is 3D Print company based on Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide the best 3D Printing Service all around Indonesia with reliable price. We also provide supplies for 3D Printer user, such as Spareparts, Electronics, Filament, and many more. We print your ideas into reality.

IndoMakers not only produce plastic objects, but we also recycle and give them second life. Yes, we know the world is suffering because of plastics.

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Manufacture Perfected

Every 3D Printed Objects from IndoMakers is packed with great engineering research, details, ideas, innovation and manufacturing with . That's why you can turn your ideas into reality perfectly.

3D Filaments

PLA, PLA+, Silk PLA, PLA Rainbow, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, ASA, ABS, HIPS, PVA, PETG, etc.

3D Printer Spareparts

Sensors, Motherboards, Extruders, Linear Motions, etc.

3D Printing Services

PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon Carbon-Fiber, ULTEM, PEEK, and another Industrial High-Temperature Filaments.

3D Printed Products

Industrial Stuff, Cabling Management, Hobbyist Products, Cookie Cutters, etc

Sustainable Development

Industrial Recycling Plastics, Recycled Plastic Products, Moldings, etc.

Cleaning Products

Multi-purpose Cleaning Liquid.

Our Clients


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